We’ve all asked ourselves, “Can one person really make a difference?”

  • YES, one person can make a positive difference in the lives of others and in the world. Gary Friedman show us how through his main character, David in The Shepherd Chronicles.

    In Gary’s first book of the series, The Promise, through a near-death experience David’s life takes a different path than he had planned for. The richness of his experiences in The Rules takes the breadth of his impact one step further.

    In Crossroads, the conclusion to The Shepherd Chronicles trilogy, through confronting politicians and fighting terrorists, David proves that one man can make a difference in every life he touches.

    If you’ve ever wondered if or how you could make a difference, read on.

    Gary Friedman is a gifted storyteller and had the honor of speaking at the Twentieth Century Club of Buffalo’s Thursday Book Club. View this video to hear his story and inspiration for The Shepherd Chronicles.

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  • Crossroads

  • “From start to finish ‘The Promise’ was a book I couldn’t put down.”
  • “This was a quick read that held your attention beginning to end.”
  • “I was anxious to continue reading to see where David was headed.”
  • Gary Friedman, Writer's Digest Book Award

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