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Highly recommended reading for anybody who wants to make their life count.

Albert Einstein stated that coincidence is just God’s way of remaining anonymous. What some people describe as chance, fate or serendipity is seen as the hand of God by the the main character, David. This book takes the reader on an exciting journey showing how one person, tuning into God‘s leading, even when they don’t understand it, and resisting their own selfish desires, can make a huge difference. The unfolding of the details of each of David’s encounters are creatively and imaginatively woven together. It reminded me of one of my favorite, old TV series, “Touched By An Angel”. Reading it gave me a renewed incentive to follow David‘s example and be open to God‘s leading every day instead of chaining myself to a preconceived idea of how the day will play out and my “to do” list. I’d love to see it made into a movie. Highly recommended reading for anyone who believes we are all created with a unique identity and divine destiny.

The writing style has soothing effect to it and the characters are real to life. The journey of David which you will experience in detail will have a strong impact on you and you will never be same after reading this book. . A story of redemption, hope, realization. The first person narrative is a smart choice which brings you “Up close” to the character and the story. Emphasizes on a lesson that we all know yet ignore. . I would like to mention that it isn’t that “boring traditional inspirational book” it binds and grips you throughout. . The book will leave you inspired and emotional. You will find yourself plunged in deep thoughts. . Cant wait to continue this journey with book 2 in this trilogy. Would definitely recommend it to every reader and this is an exceptionally beautiful 5 star read.


“I have had the pleasure of reading both “The Promise” and “The Rules” by Gary Friedman. Both books have inspired me to be compassionate towards others regardless of my circumstances. I am reminded of a quote that emphasizes “we serve God by serving others”. Thank you Gary for providing a simple message within well written stories.”
– Craig Constable

“What I love about this book and the sequel is that we all have some “David” within us. We’ve all been faced with similar obstacles in life, similar crossroads. What Gary has breathed into David is an honestly and compassion we don’t often find in books or movies today. He’s the kind of guy you want to sit down and talk with, share your feelings, hopes and dreams with. Through the experiences David has, you’ll reach deep within yourself to ask the big questions. How will you answer them?”
– Leith Chamberlain

“Both of Gary’s books, ‘The Promise’ and ‘The Rules’, were great reads. Though not being from Buffalo, I found the local references interesting and enjoyed Gary’s storytelling through David’s character. There are many messages throughout the books that will resonate with everyone.”
– Robin Cox

“The book ‘The Promise’ was an inspirational page-turner. I couldn’t flip the pages quickly enough to learn what David’s next encounter would be. In ‘The Rules’, David’s journey took on a deeper dimension and made me realize we can all make a big difference by taking one positive step at a time and trusting.”
– Marie Siegfried

“From start to finish ‘The Promise’ was a book I couldn’t seem to put down. I found it to be very enjoyable and sometimes almost felt a part of it with the familiar Buffalo landmarks. The book inspired me. It reminded me of how God really does have His hand upon our lives and how He can bring good even out of the darkest of moments. His hand certainly was upon yours Mr. Friedman as you wrote your words. I’m thankful your book crossed my path. I look forward to the sequel!”
– Kim Meisenburg

“Kudos to Mr. Friedman for his most enjoyable and inspirational book!. What a pleasure to read and be captured in David’s journey. This was a quick read that held your attention beginning to end. It too was enjoyable to relate to the Buffalo landmarks mentioned in the story. Hope a sequel arrives soon!”
– Linda McCormick

“‘The Promise’ is a very enjoyable read. Once I started, I was anxious to continue and see where “David” was headed. In a world that often times seems cold and lacking in direction, David’s journey is an inspiration. Mr. Friedman does an excellent job of telling a much needed message – that God is indeed relevant and guiding us. There is forgiveness and hope in the world. Bravo Mr. Friedman, and I sure hope there is a sequel!”
– Darcy Thiel

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