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“We spend a lifetime looking for that magic moment that will fix everything. When you enter your crossroad, will you be ready to capture your shining star and write your own next chapter?”
– Gary Friedman

  • The Promise is the first book of The Shepherd Chronicles trilogy (formally known as The Flockless Shepherd). It tells the story of David, who quietly returns to his hometown after failing to establish his musical career in Nashville. He avoids all contacts from his past except for his mentor Jacob, who helps David rise to the top of Buffalo’s club scene. With new success and reconciliation with his family on the horizon, tragedy suddenly strikes, and David finds himself lying in an emergency room, nearing death. While on his death bed, David makes a promise that proves to be life altering. After a miraculous recovery, he finds himself being held to his promise. Thus begins a journey that will take David from New York to Georgia and back again, discovering that one man can make a difference, not only in the lives of others he encounters but in his own destiny.

    Judge’s Review

    This story of a young man’s redemption was a wonderful, powerful story. David has always wanted a career as a musician.  As soon as he graduates from college, he heads to Nashville to live his dream.  But in do so, he leaves behind his family, his girlfriend, and the man who had mentored him and become his friend.  David felt he had to let go of all this to focus his energy and achieve his goal.  When this dream does not come to fruition, he returns home, broken and dejected.  An accident and a near death experience send David down another path.  David makes a promise to God that if he lives; he will serve in whatever way God needs him.

    David hits the road finding that he, one man, can make a difference in the lives of others and in the world. Gary Friedman’s “Promise” is the first in a trilogy that follows David on his journey to fulfill his promise. The writing is well done. The characters are well drawn and feel real. I liked the way all the characters connect and circle around each other. I like that Friedman shows his faith yet does not force it down your throat. This was a very inspirational book.

    – Judge, 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

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  • The Rules

    David Hynes is dutifully following the path laid out for him by a mysterious messenger. He now travels without a map, a star to follow, or a plan. Open to all possibilities, David is led only by the seed planted in his heart, nurtured by faith and a possible destiny. Armed with only a shepherd’s staff, David’s journey intersects with others who have either lost their way or have reached an impasse. As David ultimately discovers the rules that govern his journey through life, he becomes a symbol of hope and reassurance to all. But as his future waits, only time will tell if David will ever be able to find inner-peace and an important sign that will allow him to continue his mission. In this inspirational tale, a young man continues on his a quest to help humans in trouble, guided by his hero and by his heart.

    Judge’s Review

    In book two of The Shepherd Chronicles, Gary Friedman continues the story of David Hynes as he fulfills his promise when his life was saved after a car accident. David is visited again by the mysterious messenger who tells him that he has fulfilled his promise and is now released from it. But David wants to continue with his journey and his mission. Now, with his shepherd’s staff and then accompanied by Peg, the love of his life, David sets out again with no real plan, just traveling. He meets people on his journey who may have lost their way or are facing majors decisions.  David has the gift of listening and being able to say what they need to hear. Then David faces a major change in his world.

    This is a wonderful book that will give faith and hope to anyone who reads it. We all face adversity in our lives, how we handle it, where we turn for help can be big decisions. Friedman shows, without forcing it, that there is a place to turn. The writing is easy and not pretentious. The story is interesting. The characters are well drawn and you care about them. This is an inspiring story that will appeal to a wide audience.

    – Judge, 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

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  • Crossroads

    David Hynes is torn between continuing on the path created for him by a mysterious messenger or supporting a grieving family and starting a life with his beloved, Peggy. After deciding to move forward on his journey, David strikes out once again to bring his message to those that have lost their way.

    With his flock growing, David finds his way from national politics and battles with terrorists to rescuing an elderly man from a fate that does not belong to him. Along his path, he discovers the greater depth of his mission and a new mentor to guide his way. His mysterious messenger takes on a new form as David begins to define his future. Through it all, David proves that one man can make a difference not just for himself, but for every life he touches, while encouraging all of us to do the same.

    In the conclusion to the Shepherd Chronicles trilogy, one man continues an inspirational quest to take the focus off himself and make a difference.

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