The action of LOVE!

Affairs of the heart are ageless.

For all the books authored, poems written, plays performed and movies filmed about the subject, LOVE may well be the most misunderstood emotion we experience. It is intangible. Beyond definition. No scale can measure it, no chart can track it. For all we know it may be different for each of us that experiences it.

Here may be the reason why. LOVE is not an emotion in the purest sense, it is instead an action. I have told my children that LOVE is the greatest sacrifice one person can make for another. It is the action of taking one’s eyes off of themselves and instead keeping them affixed on the needs, desires, wants and heart of your partner. The romantic LOVE we experience cannot last in its original form forever. It morphs into something deeper, from red hot to a warm glow. It shows its presence in knowing glances, soft touches, and the continuing obsession to make your lovers life better every day, every moment, every action, a point when you stop being two and blend into one.

Without the focus, the devotion, the dedication, the sacrifice, the acceptance, it will drift. In other words, if you stop acting the part, it cannot survive. If you feel it start to fade, don’t question the intangible, don’t try to explain the unknown, just grab onto it with both hands and save it. For we never know when it will pass our way again.

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